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United Space Confederation

Defence Force

The United Space Confederation Defence Force (USCDF) has its roots in the security division of the Fenrir Industries Corporation. Initially established as a means to lower costs for Fenrir’s trade convoys and provide security to corporate assets, Fenrir Industries continued investing large amounts of credits into equipment and personnel as the Outer Colonies became increasingly dangerous. In 2656, Fenrir Industries formed what had essentially become private militia into the Fenrir Industries Defence Forces.

After Fenrir Industries Corporation formed the United Space Confederation, officially marking the separatist movement, the Fenrir Industries Defence Forces were absorbed to become the main military branch of the USC.


Operations Command (OPCOM)

Responsible for assisting the Secretary of Defence with the administration of all Defence Force activities and operations. Not only that, OPCOM assists with coordinating all military actions and manoeuvres, and is responsible for tracking fleet assets – both personnel and ships. Most mission-specific planning will fall under the purview of STADCOM and SAICOM, for defensive and offensive planning, respectively.

OPCOM will have a role in coordinating the overall operations of the USC Defence Forces, in cooperation with the Secretary of Defence and USC High Command. Rather than specific missions, Operations Command will assist the Admiral in more broad, long term strategies. Logistics will be most prevalent in the day to day duties of OPCOM.

Strategic Attack and Interdiction Command (SAICOM)

Responsible for force projection and coordinating any military actions or efforts. Creates offensive strategies, goals and objectives to be passed on to unit leaders and members.

Strategic Asset Defence Command (STADCOM)

Responsible for coordinating the defence of United Space Confederation citizens and assets. Creates defence strategies, goals and objectives to be passed on to unit leaders and members.

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Standing Orders

 To conduct yourself in a professional and helpful manner to all peaceful inhabitants of the galaxy.
To enforce all laws and regulations of the United Space Confederation to the best of your ability.
To report all violations of laws and regulations that you are instructed to enforce.
To report when any conflict, violence, disorder or any related incident is discovered.
To apprehend or terminate confirmed pirates encroaching on USC territory or property.


The Defence Force has two primary personnel categories: pilots and foot soldiers. Because the majority of combat situations occur in space, fighter pilots are the most numerous in the USCDF, making up the bulk of USC battle groups. However, every carrier, and often squadrons and escort wings, will carry a detachment of foot solders as well. The vast majority of the USC’s traditional ground units have been replaced with Orbital Drop Storm Troopers (ODST). These highly trained, and as importantly, versatile units, evolved from their original conception of dropping from carriers to planet surfaces, to include dropping into hostile ships and stations as well. After an extensive co-op research project between OPCOM, SAICOM, and the Office of Naval Intelligence, USC High Command has found that deploying small elite ODST units in strategic locations to be far more effective in the field than sending in traditional army battalions. Because of the few number of people put into harm’s way, as well as lower cost per deployment, High Command has put extensive funding into expanding the ODST programme, largely phasing out traditional army units.

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