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United Space Confederation

High Command

The United Space Confederation High Command (HIGHCOM) is one of the legislature sections of the USC’s central government. HIGHCOM is responsible for establishing baseline objectives for activities like commerce, military operations, exploration missions, setting grand strategy for USC operations, organizing, securing, distributing both external and internal information, establishing and organizing branch operations in cooperation with the Branch Cabinet, enacting new legislation when needed, and administrating USC Citizenship, just to name some of its responsibilities. HIGHCOM is also accountable for the USC’s public image and diplomatic intentions, and uses the Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach to achieve the set goals.

While USC High Command does have executive powers, it rarely uses them. Instead, HIGHCOM usually works with the Branch Cabinet to administer day to day activities, and calls upon both the Branch Cabinet and Citizen Senate for larger decisions affecting the United Space Confederation.

Branch Cabinet

The Branch Cabinet consists of the Heads of each USC branch. These branch Heads are chosen through cooperation between USC High Command and the Citizen Senate, and hold executive powers over their appointed branch to fulfil directives set by the USC Central Government.

While technically operating under USC High Command directive, the Branch Cabinet advises HIGHCOM on matters regarding their branch operations, and usually works in conjunction with High Command to establish objectives and new legislation.

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Committed to our Values

Equality, Prosperity, Freedom

Citizen Senate

One of the more unique additions to a central government structure, the Citizen Senate actually has no true executive powers. Its purpose is to advise HIGHCOM and the Branch Cabinet on matters that are deemed to effect a large portion of USC Citizens. Despite not having executive authority, a recommendation passed by the Citizen Senate has never been ignored in the history of the United Space Confederation.

The Citizen Senate can also bring topics forward for discussion and debate at any time. Standardized voting is usually the primary method for displaying consensus when advising other USC Central Government departments.

After completing the citizenship process, every Citizen of the United Space Confederation has a permanent seat in the Citizen Senate, only being revoked should the individual lose or forfeit USC Citizenship. The USC firmly believes that the people it is governing should have a strong voice in their government’s actions, and the Citizen Senate is one of the ways that goal is achieved.

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