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United Space Confederation

Interstellar Commerce Department

The United Space Confederation’s financial and economic matters fall under the jurisdiction of the Interstellar Commerce Department (USCICD or IC). Shortly after the USC had won independence from the United Empire of Earth, it became clear that the current branches were ill-suited for managing financial matters alongside their primary functions. To solve this problem, USC High Command created a number of agencies to manage the USC economy, such as the Trade and Logistics Bureau, Interstellar Markets Bureau, Budgetary Commission, and the USC Treasury Board. Old Fenrir board members who dealt with trade and finances took administrative jobs organizing the various agencies. The Trade and Logistics department was resurrected and formed the basis of the Trade and Logistics Bureau. Fenrir’s accounting department was turned into the Budgetary Commission. Fenrir Industries Corporation employed some of the most intelligent people in the galaxy, and their talents were put to good use with jobs improving the wellbeing of USC Citizens.
While these establishments functioned well initially, the agencies were eventually bogged down in the political red tape from operating independently of each other. Slow changes meant that it was difficult adapting to the fast changing interstellar economy. By 2805, USC High Command established the Interstellar Commerce Department, a cabinet-level branch that consolidated all of the different federal financial institutions operating in the USC. With better organization, the people working to keep the USC economy strong were finally able to make changes much more efficiently.

After The Fall, the Interstellar Commerce Department’s job increased in difficulty by tenfold. Not only are they making do with less to keep the current economy stable, IC is also tasked with rebuilding the USC’s wealth to pre-2939 levels in order to support its scattered population. It is a difficult task, but the USC employs the best and brightest minds, and they are more than up to the task.

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Wealth flows from energy and ideas


Trade and Logistics

A major source of income for the United Space Confederation, as well as its Citizens, is trade. While the Fenrir Industries Corporation initially started out as a star ship parts manufacturer, it eventually expanded operations into heavy mining and subsequently trade as their mining operations took off. These activities continue on through the USC, and the USCICD Trade and Logistics Bureau is responsible for maximizing profits for the USC and Citizens involved. Watching and managing the markets to ensure the best possible price, as well as organizing and flying the trade missions and convoys are all responsibilities of the branch. IC also works with the Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach to help negotiate profitable trade pacts and treaties with outside corporations, organizations, and foreign states, while ensuring the terms of the treaties are met.

Economy Management

The Interstellar Commerce Department is responsible for organizing and maintaining the economic situation of the United Space Confederation. The branch works with USC High Command, the Branch Cabinet, and Citizen Senate to determine economic goals and objectives (known as the USC Economic Advisory Council). It is then the job of IC to establish the best way to achieve those goals and directives, and turn them into policy. Things like the USC federal budget, economic operations, and large naval asset purchases are approved based on the policies that the Ministry of Interstellar Commerce establishes.

USCICD is also responsible for the management of USC controlled economic stations, warehouses, and stores.

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