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United Space Confederation

Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach

The United Space Confederation has a large number of contacts throughout the galaxy, and lasting peace and prosperity depends on successful negotiations and clear communication. The Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach (USCMDO or MDO) is responsible for representing the United Space Confederation, as well as its policies and intentions, to foreign representatives and diplomats.

The newest branch of the United Space Confederation, the Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach used to function as a division of USC High Command, known as the Council of Diplomats. For the majority of the USC’s history, the Council of Diplomats would operate under HIGHCOM direction. However, because the USC is expanding its diplomatic reach, in accordance with the activation of the USC Recovery Act of 2940, it became clear that the current Council of Diplomats was not large enough to keep up with the amount of HIGHCOM requests.

The Council gradually grew and evolved until the Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach was formed and officially ratified as a cabinet-level ministry in 2942 by USC High Command directive. The new MDO branch gathered diplomatic functions, USC Citizen media, external publicity, as well as internal and external broadcasting (in cooperation with ONI Section 2) under one branch.


Foreign Office

The successor to the old Council of Diplomats. All official communications and negotiations with other governments and organizations is handled by the USC Foreign Office. General USC diplomatic intentions and agendas are established by HIGHCOM and the Branch Cabinet, while the Foreign Office is responsible for achieving the set goals. USC Diplomats must also be able to quickly react to changing situations as the current political situation of the galaxy is unstable. The Foreign Office is a restricted section of the Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach, and interested USC Citizens must enter a separate application and review process before gaining diplomat status.

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Represent the USC throughout the galaxy

Confederation Broadcasting Network

Part of the HIGHCOM directive that formed the Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach was a government buyout of the Interstellar Broadcasting Company, the second largest private broadcasting network operating in the greater Terra System area. The company was reformed into a statutory corporation, rebranded the Confederation Broadcasting Network (CBN), and placed as part of the Ministry of Diplomacy and Outreach’s operations.

In addition to the normal entertainment programming, CBN is responsible for the creation and production of government sponsored projects and programmes, national news broadcasts, broadcast State addresses, and operates as part of the USC Communications Network’s emergency broadcast system.

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