USC Aerospace Engineering


The USC Aerospace Engineering (USCAE) branch handles all scientific and technological research and development for the USC, serves as support crew for larger USC ships, as well as providing fleet maintenance and support.

Before our separatist movement, we had our roots in science and engineering; making high-end performance parts and components, as well as innovative systems for the best star ship manufacturers in the universe. The Aerospace Engineering branch now works on developing new technology for all USC needs, only limited to Aerospace by its official name alone, as a relic from the corporate days. Next generation weapon development, along with current gen optimization, faster and more efficient engines for USC ships, and even brand new star ship designs themselves all come out of USCAE.

USCAEResearch, development, and fine-tuning of ship systems is a key part of the USCAE, as our pilots try to get the best out of their spacecraft. Our scientists are constantly working to give our pilots an edge over any threat that they may encounter in space. USCAE has also begun to look at designing star ships specifically for the USC, although this department is only in the early planning phase.

Serving aboard larger ships is also part of the AE’s job in the USC. Our larger vessels need more than just a pilot to function properly, and with the growing fleet of the USC, more and more support engineers are needed to fly ships at maximum efficiency.

The USCAE is also responsible for maintaining the USC fleet, as well as making repairs to damaged craft after battles.

A tireless and sometimes thankless job, USCAE scientists and engineers are a vital part of the USC, and without these valuable members, our fleets would come to a standstill.