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United Space Confederation

Historical Timeline


6 February: Fenrir Industries Corporation founded

Massive profits start for Fenrir Industries, resulting in rapid expansion and establishing it as a power company in the galaxy



Fenrir Industries publicly denounces the Second Tevarin War

Fenrir publicly supports Senator Kieren’s call for Terra Independence from the United Empire of Earth. Earth’s government responds by cutting lucrative military contracts with Fenrir Industries Corporation



Fenrir Industries adopts the company slogan: Equality, Prosperity, Freedom

Fenrir Industries applauded Senator Akari for negotiating a peace treaty with Xi’An Empire, and joins others calling for Terra Independence. Rumours about Fenrir seizing control of planets from the United Empire of Earth spread throughout planets with Fenrir Industries Corporation presence.



Fenrir Industries reforms into the United Space Confederation on 12 of April, joining the uprising against the United Empire of Earth after the Massacre of Garron II

The United Space Confederation, with help from the local public uprising, succeeds in taking control of the Aldnoah system from the United Empire of Earth, centre of former Fenrir Industries’ largest corporate operations. No UEE reinforcements arrive because of the uprising taking place in the Sol system and throughout the United Empire of Earth.



Relations between the United Empire of Earth and the United Space Confederation are strenuous but not hostile under UEE Imperator Erin Toi and the promise of renewed UEE social consciousness.

Over a century of peace is causing the USC to be forgotten by many groups that were once sympathetic and supportive of their cause. Import discounts and cheap materials offered by companies operating outside the USC are in decline



United Empire of Earth expands trade sanctions on the United Space Confederation, enforced by inspections and blockades in nearby systems

USC High Command cutbacks and sacrifices are made to support the civilian economic structure. Military forces shrink from a lack of funding, as well as discounted parts and ships



USC sells 50% of the Capital ships in the Defense Force naval fleet to help stimulate the economy and lower military operating costs

1 September: Office of Naval Intelligence report indicates United Empire of Earth military transfers and naval ship build up in solar systems two and three jumps away. ONI classifies this as creditable threat to USC national  sovereignty



8 November: United Empire of Earth launches full-scale invasion of the Aldnoah system, USC sovereign territory. With limited Defence Force fleets, surrender terms are signed by the USC to protect the nearly 1.7 billion civilians in the system. After the UEE causes the collapse of a Jump Point containing a USC civilian convoy evacuating the system, fighting between the USC and UEE breaks out. The USC Defence Force fights to keep control of the planet Reach (Aldnoah IV), the USC military stronghold and key to the other USC held worlds.

6 February: United Space Confederation forces hold Reach for over three long months of fighting. UEE reinforcements arrive with another 8 battle groups to assist the armada already in the system. Reach is overwhelmed within 36 hours. USC HIGHCOM issues Order 717. Final evacuations are finished and small group stays behind to collapse the last known Jump Point into the system, forfeiting USC sovereign territory.



28 February: USC seeks refuge in the Terra system. The government on Terra, remembering hundreds of years of support for the Terra secession movement, offers asylum. USC ships are granted diplomatic status, near-completed buildings in a new section of Prime City are earmarked for USC leases, and financial assistance in the form of low-interests loans are offered if needed

The USC government, operating primarily from Prime in the Terra System and aboard the few remaining capital ships, begins to rebuild and re-establish itself in the galaxy. The USC Recovery Act is signed, authorizing increased spending for all Branches and providing support for its displaced citizens. A new USC crest is commissioned during this time as part of the USC’s revival