United Space Confederation

Organization Overview

The United Space Confederation was conceived as an organization that would offer something for everyone, set in an environment that maintained fun game play experiences as the top priority. In keeping with the very high standards that Star Citizen has already set, the founders of the USC set out to create an in-game faction that would integrate well into the established universe, while maintaining its own style and theme as well as allowing its Citizens the freedom to immerse themselves in the game however they wished. As you explore the material on the USC Database, you will see this dedication to lore and immersion through the large amount of in-fiction content, back stories, and codex entries.
Since the United Space Confederation’s founding in 2013, we have stayed true to our original vision while continuously updating and improving based on contributions of our Citizens, as well as new information released about Star Citizen. 
While the original USC concept was to be a Star Citizen exclusive group, we have since expanded to a general community that engages over many topics and games, all while eagerly awaiting the full release of Chris Roberts’ space epic.
Please enjoy your overview tour of the United Space Confederation.